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Find a great mortgage deal with FinancialEasy, our mortgage comparison shows some of the current mortgage deals available making it easy to find the right deal for you.

We can also arrange for a consultation with a mortgage specialist to help you through the process and make recommendations based on your requirements.

Whether you are buying your first property, your family is growing and you need to move home, purchasing a property to let out or looking to remortgage, FinancialEasy can help.

Which mortgage is right for me?

No mortgage is one size fits all, each person will have individual circumstances and aims and therefore it is important to research your options prior to committing to a mortgage.

Different lenders offer different mortgage products and eligibility depending on various factors, these include; the size of the deposit, your age, credit history, the purpose of loan etc.

Mortgage types

Fixed rate

As the name suggests a fixed rate mortgage gives you period (typically 2-10 years) where the mortgage interest rate is fixed for a set term.
This type of mortgage is popular as it offers peace of mind that your monthly mortgage payments will remain unchanged for the fixed term.
One downside is that if you wish to pay the mortgage balance off during the fixed period there are usually early repayment charges to pay.
After the fixed-rate period ends you normally revert to the lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR), there are normally no early repayment penalties once you are on SVR.

Tracker mortgage

Tracker mortgages normally track the Bank of England base rate plus a percentage. When the base rate rise so does your mortgage rate meaning your monthly mortgage payments rise and fall in line with the base rate. There is normally a cap on how low your interest rate can fall (known as a collar rate) but normally there is no upper limit.

Capped mortgage

Capped mortgages have an upper limit on the rate meaning if the base rate increase you interest will only increase to a set limit. This gives you the reassurance that the rate will not climb beyond what you can afford. You also benefit from base rate falls lowering your interest rate.

Discounted mortgage

Discounted mortgages offer a reduction over the lender's Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for a set period of time, unusually 2-5 years. Typically these are the cheapest pensions available but your monthly payment can increase and decrease with the base rate.

Offset mortgage

If you have savings it may be worth considering an offset mortgage. As an example, if you have £20,000 in savings and an outstanding mortgage balance of £100,000 you can be charged the interest on £80,000, this means you can either opt for lower monthly mortgage payments or a shorter mortgage term. Both fixed and variable rates are available and you can take your savings out at any time.

Small deposit mortgage

Having a small deposit should not hold you back from purchasing a property, there are many lenders who now offer mortgages with just a 5% deposit. There are also government schemes available which help you grow your deposit and support your first house purchase. Speaking with a mortgage specialist will help you understand the best option for you to help you get on the property ladder.

Buy to let mortgage

Buy to let mortgages are for people who want to purchase a property but don't wish to live in it. Eligibility criteria depends on how much rent you expect to achieve, your personal circumstances and income. Lenders will also 'stress test' your application to ensure you can afford higher mortgage rates in the future.


Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.